Cumbria DEC

Cumbria Development Education Centre (CDEC) has been working since 1984 to inspire young people and their teachers in Cumbria to engage with, understand and take responsibility, individually and together, for the world in which they live and contribute to making it a fair and sustainable place. We have done this by working in partnership with teachers and young people to provide opportunities and activities that encourage critical thinking and global awareness.

Our vision is for Cumbria to be a region that is characterised by people and organisations in all parts of our communities, not just education, who hold a shared commitment to actively working together towards a fairer and sustainable world, making Cumbria a beacon of global citizenship.

We deliver training, facilitation, and support, for teachers, informal educators and, increasingly, for individuals and organisations outside of the education sector.  We specialise in supporting people to transform the ways the learn, work, and live, through the application of reflective collaborative learning practices focused on equal valuing, diversity, social justice and sustainability.

Please see below for information about our Go Global conference for 2017.

CDEC - Go Global 2017 case study


CDEC – Go Global Conference 2017 flyer