DEC South Yorkshire (Sheffield)

DECSY (DEC South Yorkshire (Sheffield)) works with teachers and many others involved in education to promote a development and global perspective in the curriculum.

Using active learning methods based on enquiry into issues and ideas, DECSY aims to help and inspire people to develop the skills and commitment to work together to bring about a more just and sustainable world.

Our core geographical area is South Yorkshire and we offer support to North Derbyshire, West Manchester, North Lincolnshire, North Nottinghamshire and Humberside schools in partnership with other local CPD providers. DECSY is also the northern base of the Global Learning Programme which has influenced around 6000 schools across England, helping them to enrich their curricula to better prepare children for an increasingly diverse, interconnected world full of shared global challenges.

DECSY staff specialise in Philosophy for Children, delivering SAPERE validated Level 1 and Level 2 training as open courses and as whole staff training in schools nationally and internationally. Our staff also have expertise in PSHE and Citizenship, SMSC, Gender Equality, Geography, History, Sustainability, Cultural Diversity and Inter-cultural understanding across EYFS, Primary and Secondary. We run curriculum development projects with teachers reflecting these diverse areas of learning.

We have an extensive bookshop and resources library which includes collections of objects from around the world.

Gender Equality Charter Mark

We are pleased to announce that DECSY have been awarded EU funding to create a Gender Equality Charter Mark quality standard and accreditation tool for Secondary Schools.

Creating a Charter Mark was a key ‘next step’ idea from the teachers involved in DECSY’s Gender Respect Project. This tool will enable a school to measure progress in tackling the effects that gender stereotyping still has on pupils in relation to both subject (and career) choices and as a root of sexual harassment and gender-based violence in schools and wider society. This project will work with partners developing similar Charter Marks in Hungary and Italy.

Once created, the Gender Equality Charter Mark will be trialled in three secondary schools in each country. In the near future we hope to secure funding to create a Charter Mark for Primary Schools as well.

If your school would like to be involved in trialling the charter mark between Sept 2017 and July 2018 then please download and fill in the GECM School Application Form by June 16th 2017.