Global School Council Project

NEAD logoNEAD‘s (Norfolk Education and Action for Development) Global School Council Project aimed to promote community cohesion and the global dimension by working with two primary schools in a joint school council project. The project ran over seven sessions and included a final celebration day which included all children from both schools sharing their work on global awareness with the wider community.

The project was extremely successful with teachers recognising the project had “helped them gain a good understanding of their connection with the world.” The immediate community benefits were apparent with the children commenting, “I liked learning about the world,” and “I’ve enjoyed meeting new people and going to a new school.” The positive feedback from both children and teachers demonstrate the project’s positive impact. Teachers said the project “generated lots of discussion” and “gave us lots to think about.” Long-term benefits have also become apparent. Staff said the project was crucial in “deciding where to take the school council.”

NEAD Global School CouncilsThe project resulted in pupils working more confidently in mixed school and year groups with the ability to discuss global issues and realise the connection between their lifestyle choices and others, both locally and globally. Pupils continue to work toward their local school pledges and hope to work toward their schools achieving Fairtrade status.

For more information about the Global School Council Project or any other global learning services in Norfolk, visit the NEAD website.