Global Link (Lancaster)

Global Link’s mission statement is ‘Creative learning and action for a more just and sustainable world’.

We deliver projects, workshops and training (CPD)  in schools and the wider community, with both young people and adults. This includes bringing refugee visitors into schools, holding simulated European Parliament and United Nations conferences, delivering digital storytelling workshops and touring our interactive multi-media ‘experience’ of asylum seeking Escape to Safety.

In the past we have delivered a range of different global learning and arts based projects including touring exhibitions and plays, projects focusing on Philosophy for Children and Global Citizenship, School Linking, organising community events, delivering an Early Years project, and producing global learning teaching resources.

Currently, we also deliver local heritage community projects exploring issues relating to the key concepts of the global dimension However, a key focus of our work now is running a community cohesion project working with asylum-seekers and refugees in Lancaster. See our website for a short film about our weekly Drop-in: and see below.

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