Global Teachers Award

Global Teachers AwardThrough the Award teachers will consider their understanding of the knowledge base and key concepts associated with education for a just and sustainable world; they will be able to identify a range of different perspectives and question the assumptions behind them; and they will have enhanced their understanding of approaches to learning based on critical literacy in order to explore themes such as diversity, sustainability, interdependence and social justice.

HECTrainers leading the Global Teachers Award have been validated with support from Liverpool Hope University and dates for the one-day Level 1 course are now being promoted across England by members of the Consortium of Development Education Centres (DECs). The Global Teachers Award is endorsed by Oxfam and Think Global.

These are some downloadable examples of the types of activities which you will be introduced to during the training day. Also see Upcoming GTA Level 1 CoursesEC Logo

Consequences wheel: thinking through the consequences of an event, action or issue

Globingo: learning about global connections in our everyday lives

Issues tree: exploring the causes, effects and solutions to a given issue.

Photo activities: learning that visual images carry meaning which can change in different contexts

River time line: learning how to break down an objective into a set of defined tasks

The Global Teacher Award website is a resource for teachers who want to develop global learning within their curriculum. Click here

Training dates confirmed will be posted here, or to register interest in joining a GTA course please complete the feedback form on the ‘contact us‘ tab, or see us on Facebook ‘Global Teachers Award’.

Did you know that when you attend a GTA course, you are also eligible to apply for the Global Schools Award for free via the self-assessment route. To find out more visit: The Global Schools Award.

Development of the Global Teachers Award was made possible by a generous grant from the Oxfam Youth and Schools Team. For resources and support to promote global citizenship, please visit