SEAL and the Global Dimension

SEAL LogoSEAL (social and emotional aspects of learning) is a focused and co-ordinated research to teach children and young people the social and emotional skills that they need to learn and develop effectively. SEAL materials were isolated from wider global dimensions and so the SEAL and Global Dimension project was piloted 2008-2011 with outstanding results.

Described as an ‘innovative project’, SEAL and the Global Dimension project recognises the importance of incorporating wider global dimensions in the education of social and emotional skills. This global dimension helps learners to imagine different futures and the role they can play in creating a fair and sustainable world. SEAL-GD offers free online resources for schools to use, as well as identifying the importance of CPD for teachers. Whilst much of the SEAL material is based in a school setting, SEAL-GD aims for a whole-school approach which means connecting to all aspects of school experience: Curriculum (formal and non-formal), Campus (ethos and management) and community (local to global).

The CPD materials have been noted as highly valuable with over 200 participants’ on SEAL-GD courses self-evaluated before and after our training sessions on areas to do with confidence and understanding of SEAL-GD and moved an average of 40% up the scale. The young people involved benefited from a greater understanding of global issues and deeper empathy for those living in different circumstances to their own. An External Evaluators report stated “the impact [of SEAL-GD] has been- or is becoming- profound”, with all objectives and outcomes for the project being successfully achieved.